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Welcome to the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic (MSMC) - caring for the athlete in you all.

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MSMC is unique - a centre of excellence dedicated to sports medicine and arthritis treatment, based in the buzzing city of Manchester in the North West of England. MSMC is one of the premier surgeon lead sports injury and arthritis clinics in the country.

Managed by consultant surgeons, all of whom are clinical lecturers as well as sports injury and arthritis specialists, MSMC understands the pressure that is put on "athletes" to remain competitive - whatever your field of endeavour.

Our premier surgeons provide expert advice, support and treatment to several international teams and work with many of the country's elite sportsmen and women to help them back to the top of their game.

But we also understand how important sport is to the hundreds of thousands of "weekend warriors" who play five-a-side football, go hill walking or ride motor cross recreationally. People like you. So if YOU get injured, we believe you should benefit from the latest developments in sports medicine too.

Our surgeons also specialise in the treatment of other joint and muscle problems, in particular, arthritis. We have led the field in the development and training of others in minimal incision and keyhole surgical techniques, which allow significantly shorter hospital stays and much quicker return to function. This is also very true for the minimum incision complete and partial joint replacements that we perform routinely on various upper and lower limb joints.

Doctors, consultants and team physicians from all over the UK often contact our experts for advice - particularly in complex sports injury and arthritis cases - and many physiotherapists refer patients to us for treatment. This partnership approach helps to ensure the patient receives the very best of care - before, during and after treatment.

As clinical lecturers at the University of Manchester, our consultants are also committed to the research and development of sports medicine and arthritis techniques, and to the sharing of that knowledge through teaching.

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MSMC does not employ Physiotherapists. However it does work closely with referring physiotherapists. Patient's referred by physiotherapists are always referred back to their physiotherapists for continuing care after treatment by MSMC Specialists.
MSMC ensure any treatment of a patient is professional, supportive, and of an understanding manner to achieve the best treatment for the patient, including post operative care.
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