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Paul Richardson
Amateur Rugby Union Player

My shoulder was injured when playing 'touch' rugby by someone who forgot it was a game of 'touch' rugby ! After a month of excrutiating pain, sleepless nights and enough pain killers to permanently put to sleep a herd of elephants, the pain eventually eased to what could be described as the shoulder equivalent of major tooth ache. It rendered a number of formerly effortless and enjoyable activities  extremely painful and uncomfortable such as driving,  jogging and even leaning against the bar . After a series of increasingly focused diagnositic tests culmunating in an NMR scan, I was diagnosed as having a rotator cuff tear and referred to a specialist consultant, Lennard Funk, by my consultant orthapedic surgeon.
Lennard  informed me of the procedure that would be necessary to repair the damage. The procedure was carried out in May 2004  that required an overnight hospital stay. I have since attended two follow-up appointments which have confirmed the success of my operation. I'm now able to undertake the activities that I previously took for granted and enjoyed. In addition to Lennard's recognised technical expertise, I was also impressed by his professional and patient focused approach that was reflected by his informative, approachable and friendly style. I would unreservedly recommend Mr. Funk based on my personal experience.

Nichola Twohig
Defence. Manchester City Ladies FC

After I broke my arm the hospital put me in a cast - I was devastated - as I knew I would not be able to play for at least 6 weeks, meaning I would miss out on some of the season's most important matches. Luckily I was the good hands of the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic where my surgeon [Mr Sanjiv Jari] re-exrayed me and altered my treatment to a playing cast to make sure I was back training within a couple of days meaning I was back playing on the field within just 2 weeks!

Gillian Rawlinson BSc(hons) MSc MCSP SRP.
England Netball U21 squad physiotherapist

As the physiotherapist for the England u21 netball squad, I have come across a variety of injuries, with ACL tears being one of the most common. Over the past 2 years there have been six ACL tears among England's elite netball players. These have been managed with a variety of surgical approaches with varying degrees of success, in terms of length of time to return to sport and overall outcome.

The most successful outcome was achieved by a player who suffered an ACL tear whilst playing. She was seen by Mr Sanjiv Jari (MSMC), who confirmed the diagnosis at her first consultation. Following physiotherapy pre-habilitation to regain good knee range of movement and function, she underwent an ipsilateral patellar tendon ACL reconstruction by Mr Jari. Immediately after surgery (starting on the day of her operation), she commenced Mr Jari's aggressive accelerated rehabilitation protocol under my supervision.

Her outcome was excellent. She started ball drills and shooting practice at 4 weeks post surgery. She returned to training at eight weeks and returned to full, competitive matchplay at four months post-op. She continues one year later to have an excellent outcome with no pain or instability and a great future with England netball.

Ryan MacDonaldRyan MacDonald
Widnes Vikings RFLC

Thanks to Mr Funk and the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic I have returned to full-time professional Rugby League following numerous injuries to my forearm. I have also recently been under Mr Funk's care with a shoulder injury which required surgery.

Kay Fisher, MSc BSc MCSP SRP
Dawn Cain, MSc BSc(Hons) MCSP SRP
Widnes Vikings RFLC Team Physiotherapists

We are indebted to Mr Funk and Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic for fast and efficient treatment of our players. His support and empathy for sports injuries and the need for speedy recovery to sport makes him a valuable team member - we highly recommend his services.

Kim Crossman

It has been a pleasure working with the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic, who nurture an environment within which knowledge is shared and an easy rapport between surgeon and physio is encouraged.  This teamwork not only makes clinical work all the more stimulating and enjoyable, but facilitates an optimal recovery for the patient.

As a physiotherapist used to dealing with post-operative rehab of conventional anterior-cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, I was initially taken-aback by the protocol of accelerated return to activity proposed by Mr Jari's ACL reconstructions. I wanted to know more, and I was pleasantly surprised by how approachable Mr Jari is. We discussed the physiological rationale and he arranged for me to watch the procedure in theatre. I know being able to witness the strength and stability of the graft, and watch the precision and skill with which this operation was performed, gave me the confidence to implement this ambitious rehab regime. I have been amazed with the results to date. The last patient I referred to Mr Jari went skiing just 8 weeks post-operatively, sans knee brace of any sort, quite successfully! I feel this case warrants a post-script along the lines of 'we do not recommend this under normal circumstances' as this person was an exceptionally compliant individual who was well motivated to succeed. Nonetheless, the standards of ACL reconstruction have been raised.

Dr James Brown BSc(hons)MBChB Msc FFSEM
Sport + Orthopaedic Physician

Patients are contacted within hours of the initial referral being sent, during their first
consultation they commonly receive an in office ultrasound scan to complement the clinical diagnosis. No wait for second radiology appointment. All therapeutic options are then discussed with patient and clinician in easy to understand terminology. Minimally invasive surgery if appropriate comes next. Often my patients with rotator cuff trouble are back playing golf in 6 weeks. Any disruption to their lives is minimal. A concise rehabilitation regime completes the service before a patient is discharged back to my care. Mr Funk is easily contactable online or by phone for advice, a large part of his work is concerned with patient and clinician education. To augment the clinical practice Mr. Funk has developed an excellent educational resource for the shoulder

In summary if your patient has a shoulder problem they will thank you for sending them to Mr Len Funk at the Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic.

John Spencer

A patient of mine who came to see Mr. Maxwell at MSMC in May 2003 with anterior ankle impingement. After the operation, the patient told me he was almost immediately pain-free and has now won 2 European Championship Bronzes and one World Champoinship Bronze - and hopes to improve so thanks!

Karen Winrow
Wirral Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinic

Educational Physiotherapy event, feedback from the course particpants:
Thanks a million, the whole course content was superb
The best course I have ever attended
An excellent course and I really enjoyed the informal format
I actually want to thank you on behalf of the models who equally benefited from your friendly approach. All of them left in a state of complete satisfaction that they had benefited from a thorough examination and good feedback how to progress with their situation

Alex Flanagan
TRB Chemedica

On behalf of TRB Chemedica (UK Ltd) I'd like to extend my sincere thanks for your excellent contribution to the Intra-Articular Injection Master Class in Manchester. Your presentation and practical workshop session was both informative and thought provoking, prompting all delegates to review the way they approach treating shoulder pathologies, and which treatments may provide optimum outcomes. There has been very positive feedback from all the delegates who attended.

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